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Cleaning Essentials for Home Owners

When cleaning your home or apartment, good intentions may very well do no justice. Sometimes, good intentions can’t quite get the job done – you may need a couple of cleaning essentials to keep a clean home. There’s a tremendous amount of cleaning supplies available in the stores, and you don’t have to pick all of them, but having a couple of essentials can work well. Let’s take a closer look at these cleaning essentials for home and apartment.

Vacuum Cleaner

The first of our cleaning essentials for the home is a vacuum cleaner. If your windows are getting dirtier, there’s a very simple way to deal with it. Simply use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to pick up any of the excess dust that’s floating around. Alternatively, there’s also a simple solution for dirty windows: buy a microfiber cloth and clean the windows with it once or twice a week. You’ll notice a difference in the appearance of the windows immediately – cleaning essentials for the home like vacuums are very effective at removing that film.

Vacuum cleaners, particularly cheap or used ones, are also wonderful cleaning essentials for the home. If you have a steam cleaner, then you should consider getting a vacuum with a steam wand. These tools attach to the vacuum cleaner and have a wand attached to them. All you do is attach the wand to a canister of cleaning fluid and start blowing, no water is required. This will clear out all the dust from any area that you want to get clean.


Other cleaning essentials for the home include mop rags, a broom, a dustpan, a wet/dry vacuum, mop heads, scourers and towels. If you have pets at home, or if you have small children, you can’t be without these items. A good rule of thumb is to always have two sets of towels at home – one for the kids and one for cleaning your pet’s messes. Keep in mind that the floors in your home take a lot more abuse than the walls, so consider adding some mats to protect the floors from scratches and spills.

cleaning essentials

Homemade cleaning tools are also among the cleaning essentials for the home that most people overlook. If you want to cut down on your cleaning time, then make sure you have all the cleaning tools you need. For example, you can cut down on your cleaning time by making soap and cleaning liquid out of olive oil, water and lemon juice. Another homemade cleaning tool that is a must in every household is a household paint sprayer. This will come in handy for cleaning walls, ceilings and floors, and it’s also a cheap way to make cleaning easier and more environmentally friendly.

Some cleaning essentials for the home include microfiber cloths, especially if you have an allergy to dust mites. Microfiber cloths are extremely absorbent, which means that they can soak up a lot of dirt and get right into the small crevices of hard to reach areas. If you have an allergy to cleaning chemicals, then microfiber cloths are the perfect cleaning essentials for you. They’re also great for cleaning things like glass, mirrors and stovetops without having to use a chemical detergent.

A cleaning spray can be useful as well. It can be used on things like wood floors and furniture. Most cleaning sprays are designed to loosen dirt and dust that are on surfaces and not to wipe it off. If you have a good brand of cleaning spray at home, then a buyer shouldn’t have any problems cleaning their home.

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