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General Cleaning Services – Average Cleaning Prices

There are many different types of cleaning services. Professional janitorial services is extremely popular in most local areas. This is especially true of the larger cities. Many janitors can be found walking around the city streets early in the morning cleaning homes. This is a great way to get the home to look as good as possible before people come home for the night. This can also save on some of the laundries that might have to be done at this time.

Professional Services

There are also professional residential cleaning services that do things like carpet cleaning for those customers that have an extremely high tolerance for allergens and pets. There are times when pets need to be taken outside because of bad weather conditions. When these tasks are handled by a professional, it can cut down on the amount of time spent cleaning up an outdoor pet. To compete with other cleaning services, you need to know how much they cost per hour and how much they cost per job.

Some cleaning services can also provide general yard cleaning services. This is not to say that the average cost for a yard cleaning will be more than an average cost for general cleaning, but it is generally much less because there is no trash to throw away and the grass is usually cut short. Yard cleaning services can be rather expensive because of the work involved.

Office Cleaning

Smaller businesses that are just starting up do not typically have cleaning services available regularly. Business owners will oftentimes hire a part-time maid at first to get their business off the ground. Once their business is off the ground and making a profit, additional full-time maids may be added to handle their additional chores. Full-time maids are typically charged twenty dollars an hour for a set amount of hours. Hiring a cleaning company to take care of extra chores can help cut down on the cost. This is especially true for businesses that hire out services

For businesses that need some basic house cleaning done, they can always turn to clean services to clean their offices. An office that is left dirty or completely free of dust will not look its best. A cleaner can vacuum the floors, change the table linens, change the lighting and clear the air in the area. Office cleaning services can also provide window cleaning services.


House cleaning prices do vary depending on what type of services are provided. There are different types of services available and prices will vary accordingly. Full-service companies generally charge more because of all the extras that are included. One time cleanings are typically cheaper because one time services are often the only time that the company comes to a residence. One time cleanings are usually the most recommended because the company will know exactly how dirty it is and will clean it properly.

Vacuum cleaners and brooms are usually included in the average price for one-time cleaning services. Brooms and mops are not as common in general cleaning services because they are not used nearly as often as vacuums. Vacuums are used on carpets, drapes, furniture, floors and so on. If a company uses regular vacuum cleaners regularly then the price will be much lower than if the company uses brooms or a broom.

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