How much does asbestos removal cost?


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with properties that are desirable for construction. Nevertheless, recent studies demonstrate it can cause serious illnesses and death. Therefore, using asbestos is now illegal. If you suspect that your home might have asbestos then its best that you arrange for asbestos testing to prevent health complications. You can then have the asbestos removed by a professional. .

Asbestos Removal Prices

Its important that you have asbestos removed as soon as possible if you believe your building or house has asbestos within it. In Australia, the exact asbestos removal prices will change from one place to another. Nevertheless, to give you an idea, this post will list a couple of the asbestos service prices that are crucial.

Asbestos Testing

In Australia, only recognised specialists are permitted to perform asbestos testing. The cost for asbestos testing ranges from $80 to $120 although large properties costs will be significantly higher.


This generally means an entire dig out of an asbestos fence and would cost between $15-$30 per sheet. If there are barriers, like trees or concrete, the price could be between $25 – $40 per sheet.


Asbestos removal in roofs typically entails the whole roof being removed. For a single-story and typical-sized house roof, the prices would be around $3,000 – $5,000. Remember that some projects may include the removal of the space and insulating material inside the roof. Then you certainly can anticipate another $500 – $2000 if the job needs a vacuuming truck and air filtration.


Asbestos removal for the average residential shed is between $60 – $90 M2. Additionally, the larger the shed, the lesser the prices per square meter.

Outside Cladding

For the removal of cladding of an average home, typically 3 to 4 bedrooms, you can anticipate the removal prices to be around $3,000– $7,500. Yet, most businesses often access the site to give you an accurate estimated price, as there are various kinds of cladding and some are not easy to remove. One example is what’s referred to as popcorn cladding.

Internal Cladding

Keep in mind that removal of asbestos sheeting is one of the most dangerous occupations. Anything that has fibers in the room like clothes, carpeting and bedding will collect fine asbestos fibers and will need to be disposed of correctly. As this is an important project you will need to consult a seasoned asbestos removal company.

Never try to remove asbestos yourself. It’s better simply to leave asbestos and leave it unaffected. It isn’t worth the hazard of your family and yourself.