The first and most important step that we take is to conduct audit to work out what has to be removed and when it can be done.
Does your house need testing for asbestos-containing materials? Budget Asbestos Removal is pleased to make this arrangement for you with a certified asbestos inspector in conjunction with a NATA approved lab.
Or has your property already been tested and is in requirement of removal? No need to worry! Just call us on 0404 04040 for a free quote or fill in the contact form and we will be happy to help.
Budget Asbestos Removal will have all the answers to your asbestos related queries. Our customer care providers are experienced professionals and will be ready to share their expertise with you.

Advance and proper preparation is the key to every smoothly run process. At Budget Asbestos Removal, we believe in an open and clear level of communication. We will discuss all issues such as accessibility to your premises, availability of power and water and other concerns in order to safeguard high standards.

Preparation Plan

After testing is complete, a date and strategic plan is set.
Our professional asbestos removers at Budget Asbestos Removal are well aware of the importance of organisation and their surroundings. Prior to the commencement of any work, the neighbours are informed in writing about the work scheduled to take place, giving them enough time to keep their doors and windows shut before workers enter the property and work begins.

This preparation process is very crucial for everybody’s wellbeing. The area has to be isolated from other rooms or parts of the building. Our professional removalists are aware of how to seal the internal doors. They also know the importance of keeping the external windows and doors open so that the rest of the area is properly ventilated. Being equipped with modern work tools and right safety gear is also an important factor.

Once the preparation of the residence is complete, our team will concentrate on the more sensitive task of extracting all the dangerous asbestos materials.

There are some cases in which it is safer and definitely more economical to treat the existing asbestos products by means of our asbestos encapsulation service, rather than remove them.
Each and every job has its own uniqueness.

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor removal project, our qualified workers have the short and long term health of the client as a main priority. Keeping this in mind, they will ensure that all relevant flooring is covered with heavy-duty plastic sheeting and will see that none of the residents, visitors or pets are allowed in the vicinity during the process.

In Australia, any individual that works solo has to contact the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in order to safely discard his or her asbestos-contaminated matter. With safety in our minds Budget Asbestos Removal, takes away this burden.